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Web Development 101 Presentation
Includes examples of running CGI RPG applications, HTML elements (including tables and forms), CSS styles, and JavaScript for input validation.
All of the source code for demos. The HTMLs will open in your browser - right click and select "View Source" to see the source code.
Powerpoint slides from the presentation.
Learning Web Development for RPG programmers
Main page for the free CGIDEV2 service program and related tutorials, downloads, samples, demos, and references. The downloads page requires a free registration.
World Wide Open's unique training course, which teaches web development for RPG programmers. In ten sessions, you will receive in-depth training on web development languages, techniques, and tools, including CGIDEV2, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
Web development, general
The most powerful tool available for getting information about web development. Learn to use this effectively and you'll never have unanswered questions about how to develop code for the web.
Includes many excellent tutorials on web development. Includes online "try-it" editors, that allow you to experiment with code snippets relating to the tutorial.
Provides references for numerous web development languages.
A good, reliable reference for Javascript. Easy to navigate.
A good site for HTML and CSS reference, including style guidelines and several HTML & CSS tools.
Easy to understand information about Cascading Style Sheets. Includes a simple, easy to use reference for CSS elements.
Includes a simple, easy to use reference for HTML elements. Offers Organizationl as well as alphabetical lists of HTML 4.0 elements.
Firefox browser
A great browser for web developers. Offers tabbed browsing, and allows developers to create specialized plug-ins (many are already available).
A must have for web developers. This allows you to see what is going on "behind the scenes" in yours - and others - rendered web pages.



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