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Web Development Training with CGI/RPG. Learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, and CGIDEV2. This training is geared towards an RPG programmer audience, with little or no experience in web development. A great course to kickstart your learning and understanding of web-based applications.!

The world of information systems is indeed ever-changing. Keeping up with evolving technology in this environment is a challenge for everyone involved in implementing information systems.

World Wide Open can provide training and mentoring for programmers on a variety of technologies used to create business applications. We specialize in creating web-enabled applications, employing leading-edge technologies. And while we can create, document and maintain these applications for you, often our clients with a programming staff want to take on maintenance activities themselves. This can be a challenge for some shops where the in-house staff is not well-versed in some of the new technologies employed. Yet with training and mentoring, this can be an excellent opportunity for your staff to gain new skills.


There is no easier way to learn than by example, and no better way to retain that knowledge than through experience. While attending classes, workshops and conferences can provide valuable education, they are, by themselves, not as effective as hands-on experience for learning and retaining new skills.

Sometimes programmers are passed over for new-technology projects due to a lack of the requisite skills. Yet, with mentoring from an experienced consultant, a programmer who is eager to learn new skills can readily obtain the knowledge needed to contribute significantly on new technology projects.

World Wide Open has a proven track record of providing leadership on new technology initiatives, with clients such as Waitsfield Telecom, Rock of Ages Corp., Burlington Drug Company, and Trylon Data Management. We can offer guidance to your staff on a number of technologies, including:

Browser-based technologies
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
Server-side web technologies
  • ASP
  • JSP
  • CGI
e-Commerce technologies
  • XML
  • Web Services
MS Office integration
  • Integrating Office with databases
  • VBA
  • Excel programming from VBA, Java, and RPG
  • Automated email applications
  • Creating HTML-formatted email apps
AS400 / iSeries / i5
  • ILE Programming with RPGIV
  • Procedures and Service Programs
  • Webfacing
  • Operations Navigator
  • IFS programming
  • SQL
  • Relational design
Integrated Development Environments
  • Websphere Development Studio
  • Visual Studio
  • CODE/400
  • HTML and Graphics design tools
  • Java
  • Visual Basic



While mentoring can be a highly effective way to achieve skills transfer, sometimes a learner lacks the basic knowledge necessary to learn from the mentor. This is very common with legacy database programmers who need to learn web development skills.

To address this situation, we offer a "Web Fundamentals" course to teach experienced AS400 programmers the basics of developing database-driven web applications. This course is especially effective for iSeries/AS400 programmers with an RPG or COBOL background.

The course is offered as 3 groups of lessons, covering

  • Browser basics (HTML, CSS)
  • CGI programming basics
  • Advanced CGI and JavaScript basics
Please click here for a complete description of the course.


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