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About World Wide Open

A World of Opportunity...

World Wide Open is a services firm providing programming, consulting, and training, specializing on the IBM midrange platform (AS/400, iSeries, i5). The company was started in 2000 by John Valance, who has been developing software on IBM midrange systems since 1983. We can provide traditional programming and support for legacy systems using RPG, or we can help you develop and maintain client server or browser-based applications that interact with iSeries databases. We have worked hard to stay current with technology developments, and are thus able to provide to iSeries installations a valuable wealth of knowledge, spanning old and new technologies, seasoned by over two decades of industry experience.

Recognizing the need to educate traditional AS/400 programmers in the many new technologies that they are now being confronted with, we are proud to offer training in web development, Integrated Language Environment (ILE) development, Structured Query Language (SQL), CODE/400, Websphere Development Studio client for iSeries (WDSc), the IBM Webfacing tool, and MS Office integration with iSeries data. These courses are geared specifically toward the traditional iSeries developer who may have very little previous exposure to these subjects, and they are prepared and delivered by an instructor who truly understands the iSeries culture. Please see the training page for more information.

Mission Statement

The mission of World Wide Open is to provide affordable, high quality systems solutions, project management, consulting and training to our clients. We are committed to maintaining a focus on business value and leveraging existing resources, utilizing old and new technologies to their most effective ends.


Our approach to delivering solutions is based on an understanding of business and technology, a belief in the value of simplicity, and effective tooling.


Taking advantage of business opportunities requires understanding: Understanding your business and its goals; Understanding your existing systems and how new technologies can enhance them to achieve your goals; Understanding the resources needed to implement effective changes. We are passionate about understanding how technology can be applied to business needs. We believe that new technology should be evaluated and used carefully, and that older systems can be leveraged and enhanced with newer technologies to realize emerging business opportunity.


We believe that the simplest solutions are often the lowest cost, quickest to implement, and easiest to maintain. By simple, we mean solutions which best leverage existing resources. We hate re-inventing the wheel. We will always look at your existing hardware and software infrastructure before suggesting solutions, in order to ensure compatibility, maintainability and re-use of technology assets. We will research third party offerings, including open source components that may be applicable to the project, and look at your current installed software for re-use opportunities. If we can't find existing components that fit the bill, we can build them.

We understand that many businesses have systems that have been working well for many years. Likewise, we understand that the systems we are implementing today may be in use for many years, and thus they should be designed with simplicity, maintainability and adaptability in mind, thus ensuring a high ROI.


You can build a house by yourself, with your bare hands, but it might not be very sturdy or have the options you need or want. And it would certainly take a long time to complete. Likewise, with systems development, the proper tools can help reduce costs, shorten project duration, and help ensure standardization and ease maintenance. This is increasingly true with the complex systems emerging today. Our professionals are well versed in a variety of third-party tools for managing the software development life cycle, including tools for source editing (IDEs), code generation, project management, change control and deployment, diagramming, and design/layout. We are also avid creators of our own tools, procedures, templates and macros, resulting in a process of continuous improvement to our methodology.


All of this adds up to VALUE - cost-effective solutions that focus on opportunity and longevity.


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